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so i (and my boyfriend alex) took off from pearson airport over an hour late on the 7th of july, boarded the cruise ship with scarce minutes to spare, touched the ocean again for the first time in three years, met two lovely florida-dwelling-but-originally-quebecois ladies who insisted on buying my boyfriend and me drinks at supper on formal night, nearly broke my bottom riding a horse in the dominican republic, saw and swam with pretty fish 25 feet below the ocean surface, left my shorts and tank top in aruba, ate every 'exotic' thing off the ship's menu, sang karaoke every night, offered my commiseration to a kitchen employee being harassed by an entirely rude individual, was the asian britney spears in the ship's last-night production, lost my lipstick backstage but caught a cold, stayed overnight in miami, spent 7 hours at miami international airport where i won airport bingo vs alex but almost lost my camera (special thanks to the handsome spanish gentleman and his two children for keeping it safe for me while i ran like a loony from the starbucks back to where i left it), suffered a complete sobbing breakdown in philadelphia airport at around two in the morning looking like an unwashed unfortunate and clutching a styrofoam take-out box full of pizza to my chest like a lifeline, slept atop my luggage, purchased an extremely overpriced egg/cheese/bacon croissant to keep me from entering a killing hunger-rage (thanks to the kind man who spotted me the last dollar i needed for it), hopped over the border back to toronto... and came back home.

the end.


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