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well, now.

i find getting back into this - writing, online blogging, etc - to be... challenging. in a way, it feels pretentious to write without an audience, but upon reflection, that makes it seem as though writing without an audience is not a valid reason for writing, which is untrue. it simply feels pretentious to write about myself without an audience - as in, 'why are you going on and on about yourself? no one gives two shits.' i could find old friends, but not all of them, i'm sure, can or want to become reacquainted; i could find new friends, but i'm not sure how to go about doing that, really (at least, not in an online environment).

i am also finding, unexpectedly, that writing personal things has become very difficult. in engineering, the word 'i' is frowned upon. for the past five years, i have composed technical reports, lab writeups, work term reports, and twice what i'd hoped were papers destined for journals but which unfortunately were not published for various reasons. these things are always written in the third person, and in a clinical, dry fashion. there is no room for creativity; creativity is frowned upon, as in c.r.a.p - creative rhetoric and prose.

all of this being a long-winded way of saying that for five years, i have been almost completely silent, have fallen out of touch with people, so now there are these big chasms to cross.

please consider this post an open invitation to ask me anything you want to know. i no longer know how to do this myself.
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